Serene is an important part of how we treat the multitude of skin types and conditions we see; from acneic or sensitive/rosacea to mature or dehydrated skin.  Through formulations of specific, active ingredients and methods to improve the skin and promote increased health and hydration can be had through the application of this skincare line.  Serene uses the proper ingredient percentages which are clinically tested and approved by actual doctors in the medical field for over the past 20 plus years.  In our opinion, this is the only skin treatment line you should be using.

Serene is in line with our philosophy that you can achieve clinical results without a prescription as many of the ingredients are at the exact percentages and pH values claimed in medical lines used by doctors. 

Formulas and active ingredients born from over 20 years of medical research

The products featured in the Serene Professional Skin Care line are not just the “new in thing” ingredients.  Two decades of medical research to ensure the best results you can achieve are delivered*.  We, like Serene, are committed to employing treatments, formulas and ingredients tested in long periods of use and proved their effectiveness. 

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Products are available for purchase or order in store.  For more information please Contact Us for a free consultation on how we can best suit your skin care needs.