dreamstime_l_11102910 (1)An Innovative Approach For Your Skin

We all had it – acne. If you didn’t, then you were one of the lucky few who escaped the dreadful and painful red bumps and blemishes. For the rest of us, while acne may not be our main concern when we look in the mirror now, but the annoying and embarrassing acne scars left behind are. Your acne scars do not have to get the best of you, though. At Aesthetic ImageWorks, we have an acne scar treatment using a laser as a potential solution, that will help reduce the visible scarring and give you your confidence back.

Instead of using expensive creams that don’t really work, why not try our laser acne scar treatment? With little to no side effects*, you have nothing to lose. Aesthetic ImageWorks in Calgary, aspires to not only help you find beauty in your skin but provide you with an effective long-lasting solution* acne scar treatment that works for you.

Diffuse Redness And Reduce Your Scarsdreamstime_xxl_38010555 (1)

When using our acne scar laser treatment, you can expect to not only see a reduction in your acne scarring but an all over improvement. Your skin will be smoother, tighter, and even toned. While one treatment may not be enough to see a dramatic difference, within a few visits you should begin to notice clear, beautiful skin.

Effective for both men and women alike, there is no reason you need to hide for your acne scars anymore. Let us help you get back to the skin you love. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and reduce your acne scars.

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