Acne Treatment Special

4 Facial Treatments (1/wk) $445
4 Full Back Treatments (1/wk) $1045

Acne Laser Treatments

Acne scars are common skin problems. Laser treatments have been found highly effective in the treatment of acne scars and stubborn razor bumps. Laser is a more refined and painless treatment option for acne. Laser Treatment is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment, which uses the very latest light technology to get rid of redness, acne scars and other skin problems. Laser Acne treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Treatment Includes:
IPL/Laser Genesis 2D Facial (Laser and Light)

Laser Genesis heats deep in the dermis to kill the bacteria in active acne, stimulates heeling, collegen and elastin to minimize existing pustules. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is then used at a more shallow depth in the skin to minimize redness and uneven pigmentation from past breakouts and scarring.

Add a Glycolic Peel mid month to speed up exfoliation and bring brightened, renewed skin to the surface faster!

Only $39.00 when adding to the Acne Package.