1. How Lattise Can Save Your Lashes

    Many leading experts say that aging can be one of the causes of thinning lashes. Skin isn’t the only thing that takes a hit as we age…once we hit our thirties, our eyelashes and eyebrows start to lose fullness, darkness and length. Which continues as we age. The older we get, the less noticeable our lashes become. (But invisible eyelashes bring wisdom, right?!!) When my lashes started to thin,…Read More

  2. Make a Healthy Wish on Mother’s Day: Get Your Leg Veins Treated

    Mothers Day is May 12th. May is one of the most beautiful months of the year in my opinion. Originally named for the Greek goddess of fertility, Maia. So it is fitting that May is our month for laser vein therapy as one of the major causes of them is carrying our little bundles of joy in our bellies. Leg veins have various risk factors for developing them, the number one cause is being pregnant. I…Read More

  3. Laser Hair Removal – How It Works

    Are you sick of managing your body hair and would rather remove it permanently? Then you really only have one option: laser hair removal. Luckily, a very effective process. How does it work? It’s not quite the white-knuckled, James Bond awaiting his doom experience you might imagine. Essentially, the laser filters energy into the skin, the target of which is the melanin (gives your skin and hair…Read More

  4. SculPLLA+H2 Filler Facial

    This treatment is rapidly gaining popularity due to star in Hollywood  having amazing results. While SculPLLA+H2 facial treatments are not a quick fix… you can see results often after the first treatment. The mask takes time to build up in the upper layers of your face. But the amazing thing about this mask is that the results are cumulative. The full face is treated as well as the neck, which …Read More