1. Latisse Lashes

    Many leading experts say that aging can be one of the causes of thinning lashes. Skin isn’t the only thing that takes a hit as we age…once we hit our thirties, our eyelashes and eyebrows start to lose fullness, darkness and length. Which continues as we age. The older we get, the less noticeable our lashes become. (But invisible eyelashes bring wisdom, right?!!) When m…Read More

  2. Leg Vein Removal

    Make a Healthy Wish on Mother’s Day: Get Leg Veins Treated   Mothers Day is May 12th. May is one of the most beautiful months of the year in my opinion. Originally named for the Greek goddess of fertility, Maia. So it is fitting that May is our month for laser vein therapy as one of the major causes of them is carrying our little bundles of joy in our bellies.  …Read More

  3. Laser Hair Removal – How It Works

    Are you sick of managing your body hair and would rather remove it permanently? Then you really only have one option: laser hair removal. Luckily, a very effective process. How does it work? It’s not quite the white-knuckled, James Bond awaiting his doom experience you might imagine. Essentially, the laser filters energy into the skin, the target of which is the melanin …Read More

  4. SculPLLA+H2 Filler Facial

    This treatment is rapidly gaining popularity due to star in hollywood having amazing results.   While SculPLLA+H2 treatments are not a quick fix… you can see results often after the first treatment. The mask takes time to build up in the upper layers of your face. But the amazing thing about this mask is that the results are cumulative. The full face is treated as w…Read More

  5. The Power Facial

    As the countdown to Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be hoping for chocolate as a sweet treat from your boo – but did you also know it could be a sweet treat for your skin? Recent, scientific research has shown that eating cherries and dark chocolate can have many internal health benefits. Benefits include your heart, blood pressure, and help with mood stabilization…Read More

  6. Diving Deep into Titan Facials

    Titan Skin Tightening - it is one of the best radio frequency skin tightening procedures on the market. It is natural, as we age, to see a loss of volume causing laxity in the skin.  This can lead to ‘turkey neck’ or drooping of the jowls.  It can also present looking like a down turned mouth or sagging around the eyes.  On a lesser level, the breakdown in collagen …Read More

  7. Adult Acne

    Adult acne - it is a problem. Although we typically don't like to talk about it, it is an affliction that affects 40-55% of adults between the ages of 20-40.  While it is something that is commonly attributed to blossoming teenagers, in truth, very few of us are blessed with perfect skin.  What causes acne in adults?  The answer is somewhat complicated, and varied from …Read More

  8. 7 Tips for Rejuvenating Summer Skin

      Summer can be harsh on the skin. From spending days at the beach to long hot days in the sun, our skin can pay the price. And with fall on the doorstep, now is the time to rejuvenate your skin but still enjoying the final weeks of summer.   Tip 1: Hydrate and Moisturize This is a two-pronged attack. Revitalize your skin, keeping it plump and hydrated from the i…Read More

  9. The Importance of Male Grooming

      The time was that a man who spent too long in the bathroom or took an interest in how he looked would be heaped with scorn and viewed with more than a fair dose of suspicion.   But times have changed and the modern man has long since realized the importance of impeccable grooming habits. But how do you keep yourself looking good? #1 A regular at the barbers The…Read More

  10. Photofacial vs Laser Genesis

    What are the differences between the two? Which one should you opt for?With so many treatments and facials on offer, it is easy to become confused about which one is right for you. In this article, we look at Photofacial and Laser Genesis treatments. PHOTOFACIALAlso known as fotofacial, a photofacial uses intense light to reduce redness and blemishes on the skin. IPL stand…Read More