Laser Skin Treatment


Aesthetic ImageWorks offers Calgary, AB the latest in laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and other cosmeceutical treatments. Our facility is well appointed to create an atmosphere and experience like no other. Our certified laser technicians are educators of laser hair removal, laser skin treatment, and other cosmetic procedures, and have a technique that cannot be matched.

At Aesthetic ImageWorks our mission is to provide our patients with advanced aesthetic enhancements, Skin Care, and Anti-Aging Medical treatments and services within the relaxing and convenient atmosphere of a day spa.

State of the art laser treatments for all skin types and tones, including laser hair removal, skin tightening, and photofacials; as well as advanced chemical peels is our primary area of expertise. Our skill and experience sets us apart in our ability to create natural results that fit any budget, in addition to our commitment to ensuring you receive a wonderful experience with world class customer service.


Healthier, Younger, and More Vibrant Skin 

Aesthetic ImageWorks MedSpa is built upon the idea of having one goal in mind: to fulfill your desire to attain healthier, younger, more vibrant skin. We offer comprehensive skin analysis and tailor a skin treatment plan based on your needs, using leading-edge technologies and the latest in skin care science. Treatments are delivered by a Certified Laser Technician on a state of the art, medical grade laser.  For those with a busy schedule, treatments can also be tailored to your schedule.  Our 15 minute Laser and Light Facial is a results driven, zero downtime facial.  Where your mineral makeup out the door when you are done.  The immediate results are zaps and kills bacteria, vaporizes dirt and debris on the skin’s surface, minimizes pore and evens skin tone, tightens and brightens skin while leaving it smoother, supple and glowing.

Diverse Technologies and Treatments For Skin care 

Aesthetic ImageWorks uses the Cutera Xeo which has an nd:YAG laser and the Limelight IPL system, which give us a broad array of technologies and treatments at our disposal. This means that you’ll get what you need to achieve the best possible results for your unique needs. It also means that Aesthetic ImageWorks can offer unique combinations of laser hair removal, laser skin treatment, skin rejuvenation, laser and light facial and much more. We will go to whatever lengths necessary to assure your comfort from the moment you walk in the door, until the moment you leave.