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Now men and women alike are making unsightly facial, leg, and varicose veins a thing of the past, thanks to the Cutera Laser. No more painful injections! With the most advanced technology, a unique design, and a longer wavelength, the Cutera Laser can safely and effectively treat both tiny superficial face veins and deeper varicose veins on men and women of all skin types and tones*.

Mother's Day Vein Special

Instead of undergoing surgery or receiving painful injections with sclerotherapy, spider veins and varicose veins can be treated quickly and painlessly with this non-invasive laser vein reduction procedure. What’s even better is it can be treated in one single trip*.  Please note these treatments are not a substitute physician advice.

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How does it work?

By using the heat of a laser, the abnormal veins, broken capillaries, discolorations and visible blood vessels will shrink and collapse,  fading the red, blue and purple spider veins, and varicose veins on your body. And it’s not just cosmetic either. Leaving varicose veins untreated can lead to complications such as poor circulation and ulcers.  If you have questions about these complications please ask your physician.

Advancements in laser vein therapy 
technology now offer a much more comfortable experience, a quicker in-and-out time, and even better results*.

At Aesthetic ImageWorks MedSpa, we use the Cutera Xeo Laser. Its distinctive wavelength and pulse duration offers successful results for reduction of unsightly spider veins and varicose veins. The wavelength of the laser offers strong absorption in oxyhemoglobin and melanin resulting in selective heating of veins for excellent vein reduction results.

While you’re undergoing vein therapy treatment, the powerful contact cooling of the laser makes treatments more comfortable*, but also makes it accessible and safe for all skin types, including tanned skin.

The sensation of the laser feels like a slight pinch or a hot spot. Anesthetic creams can be used to numb the area before treatment too. At first, the veins may appear to darken or turn grey, but within the first week, the lesions will start to fade. It’s important to know that these vein therapy treatments stop varicose and spider veins in their tracks, but aren’t a preventative measure to keep new ones from surfacing.

How many treatments will I need?

Often, patients find that one or two vein reduction or varicose vein treatments are sufficient. However, the number of treatments necessary depends on the number, color, and size of the vessels being treated. Since individual results vary, we recommend that you call us to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific condition.

Do the treatments hurt?

Most patients experience a stinging sensation as the pulses of energy are delivered through the hand piece. Although no local anesthesia or pain medication is typically required, many patients choose to use a topical anesthetic prior to their vein reduction treatment. Following the treatment, the pain is minimal to nonexistent*.

What happens after the treatment?

Following your treatment, some redness or bruising may occur. When larger veins are treated, a tan or brownish pigment may persist for a few weeks or months following treatment. Patients who have leg vein treatments may be advised to wear support hose for a short period of time.

What are the possible side effects?

Although many patients report few if any side effects, those most commonly noticed are slight reddening and local swelling of the skin. These effects typically last for less than 24 hours. Some patients may experience bruising and in rare instances, blistering may occur.

Are there any restrictions on my activity after treatment?

Patients generally resume most normal activities immediately. However, it is recommended that you avoid vigorous activities such as strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours after vein reduction treatment. The use of sunscreen is recommended on any treated areas exposed to the sun. As always, it is a good idea to limit your sun exposure.


When will I see results?

Most patients find that the majority of the treated veins show significant improvement within two to six weeks of treatment. However, your final results may not be apparent for several months. Over time, it is possible for new veins to appear, but these too can be reduced with the Cutera Laser.

How does Cutera Laser Vein Therapy work?

The Cutera Laser delivers pulses of light energy which causes the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessel which is later reabsorbed by your body. Blood flow will then be redirected to veins deeper below your skin’s surface where it should be.

Who can be treated with the Cutera Laser?

The Cutera Laser features a unique design and long wavelength that allows treatment of patients of all skin tones.

What types of veins can be treated?

The Cutera Laser can reduce unsightly veins from all parts of the body. Small, facial veins (or “telangiectasia”) can be treated quickly without bruising or complication. Spider veins and large blue leg veins can also be treated with excellent results*. Knotty varicose veins are not good candidates.

How does this compare to Sclerotherapy?

Many physicians and patients prefer Cutera Laser Vein Therapy because there are no painful injections*.

What about blood blisters and port wine stains?

Blood blisters or “hemangiomas” respond very well to Cutera Laser treatment, usually with just one session. Patients with port wine stains and other vascular lesions who had given up on finding a solution have been overwhelmed by the success of their Cutera Laser vascular treatments.