Aesthetic ImageWorks uses the Cutera Xeo, gold standard for hair removal of all types and tones, including Indian, Arabic and Darker skin.  If you have skin type 4-6 on the Fitzpatrick scale, the Xeo is the safest device for laser hair removal for dark skin.  We offer laser hair removal and skin treatments for ALL skin types.


Regular treatments will get the best results. The frequency of treatments depends on the area you’re treating. Typically, for Laser hair removal we recommend treatments every 4 weeks for laser facial hair removal, and every 6-8 weeks to remove body hair, for example laser hair removal bikini area. Most people require between 6 – 12 treatments in total.

Laser skin treatments for other conditions such as hyperpigmentation and melasma take longer to treat and involve laser as well as chemical peels and at home skin care regimes to help keep the skin responsive to clinical treatments.

Cutera Xeo laser is safe to treat virtually any skin type or tone. Contact us today with any questions or to book your appointment!