A completely customized and a true “self-care” facial experience. After cleansing, a skin reading and an in-depth discussion about skin problem areas and overall goals, we begin with level 1 exfoliation where dead skin cells and pore clogging sebum is sloughed away with magnesium crystals activated with lactic acid to promote exfoliation and skin renewal. Lactic acid, the most gentle of the AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids), gives even the dullest complexion and megawatt glow.

Second level exfoliation will further shed surface cells to reveal new ones has an important benefit for the rest of your customized facial: Your skin becomes more absorbent and receptive to the skin care products that follow. With no dead skin cells blocking their way, the IPL, Laser Genesis and Infrared Light treatment and topical ingredients can penetrate more deeply. Getting a mild series of peels every 3-4 weeks is an extremely effective way to maintain optimal skin health and stave off acne, sun spots, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Laser and light utilizes cutting edge technology to begin your skins journey to full health. The intense pulse light treatment is set to specifically target any flaws that you deem unworthy. Small spider veins, redness, flushing, sun damage or unwanted brown spots can be systematically removed with only a few treatments. Laser energy is gently infused into the skin to further amplify your treatment and leave your tightened skin with a youthful, dewy glow.

Our Celluma-Pro LED panel is set to blue (for acne) or red (for rejuvenation) depending on your goals and you can relax for 30 minutes under this gentle warming, non invasive part of the facial.

We recommend this facial every 4-6 weeks depending on your age, skin type or skin condition.  By using medical grade laser and light therapies in combination with ZO Skin Health at home care, we are able to effect an astounding amount of skin change with little to no downtime. We prefer to make the skin really work for itself. Instead of applying mediocre products topically, we entice the skin to heal from the inside out, which promotes a smooth, glowing canvas that is reinvigorated with a strengthened barrier function that is far less sensitive to outside factors.